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What are emotikis®?

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    Emotiki® is New Zealand’s take on a unique Māori emoji selection, with 200 Māori and Kiwi cultural icons for people to share their kiwiana moments with each other and the world.

    From emotions to sports, situations, foods and icons, all Emotikis® are familiar to, or have been made famous through New Zealand’s Māori culture. 

    Developed by Te Puia in Rotorua, Emotiki® is a free and all-inclusive app, allowing users to click on individual Emotiki® icons and share, via messaging, email, select social media platforms, assign to contacts, and more.

What devices can I download emotiki® on?

Android and iOS only for now


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Emotiki® Merchandise

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    Emotiki® tee shirts are just the beginning of an exciting Emotiki® merchandise collection. Get your hands on these limited edition tee shirts and hoodies, and keep an eye out for more items to come.

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Suggest an Emotiki®

Can’t find the right Emotiki® for your moment? Let us know! We want Emotiki® to reflect your moments as best as possible, so we’re always on the hunt for more. If you have an idea for a new Emotiki®, let us know by emailing

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